Here we go!

First post! This is not the start of an ambitious effort to cook through an entire cookbook (Julie & Julia-esque) nor is it a food critic’s online outlet.  This is simply me and the food I make.  All the pictures are mine (and I swear I didn’t Photoshop pictures from - neither my cooking nor my Photoshop skills are that good!)

I’ve been cooking and baking since I could toss a salad and hold a hand mixer.  Though I was a little more innovative in the recipe creation process back then, the food I make tastes a whole lot better these days :)  I’ve gathered these recipes from countless magazines, websites, and my mom’s cherished wooden recipe box.  I fully plan on giving credit where credit is due, so keep an eye out for scrumptious resources you can use to get going on your own delicious adventure.

I had multiple reasons for creating this blog: My family is by no means ‘wealthy.’  We’ve never paid for a dinner that’s over $20 a person and I can’t remember the last time we had a bottle of wine in the house that we actually bought ourselves.  However, my family LOVES to cook.  We never bonded over a football team or a mutual love of bird-watching, so instead, we congregate in the kitchen and start rummaging through the cabinets for that one recipe we’re craving at the moment.  Then, we make it, we eat it, and we are happy.  And this brilliant process is a whole lot cheaper than “bonding” at Bloomingdale’s or sitting in front of a ginormous flat screen.  There’s nothing wrong with retail therapy or shared vegetation - but it’s just not what we do for real fun.  Moreover, I’m going to try to make recipes that don’t require scouring the aisles of Whole Foods or that ridiculously overpriced gourmet “grocer” down the street.  Hopefully I can prove (to you and me) that your taste buds can be appeased without dropping a day’s paycheck on “the wholest whole grains” or “organic water.” Wholesomeness shouldn’t mean hole-in-your-wallet-ness.

I’m also growing wary of Facebook (have you seen this? - haha..*nervous laughter*) and would rather not have albums ripe with food pictures and caption spaces too short to share the stories that lie behind many of those creations.  Here I can put food into a livable, smellable, and (most-importantly) eatable context. 

So, there you have it.  My first post.  Nothing grand.  Now, let’s cook!